I did NOT kill myself; not really and shit. But I had to off my original sassy bon vivant blog persona to start in a fresh new space. So. Here we are — a new fucking blog; same dirty keyboard. I’m just settling in and don’t have much furniture but there’s a mini bar, sandwich fixings and a carton of smokes. You bitches bring your own mixers cuz I’m not made of money. Yet. You already know me so there’s no need for formal introductions.

I’ve revamped my online persona as I’m going to get funkier in this space. More real. (even though I became far too real on the other blog.) Know what I mean/what I’m sayin’? I became too ‘known’ and it was sorta gagging my creative thought processes. Too many of my friends were stalking the space for clues on my mood. Or just stalking to judge my thoughts, dreams and desires. Like, I felt I could no longer rant on a coworker by publicly expressing just how much I want to punch her in the vagina for always leaving extra time on the microwave.

So there’s that. I’m a ball of nerves and anxiety. And there’s more to come…