Hell I guess it’s been over a month since I lasted posted here. My apologies to you six or seven readers who land here looking for quality content. meh. I don’t know what to post. I don’t think I have anything relevant to share. Or to even write. What is wrong with me? I used to maintain a daily blog post; sometimes I posted 2 and 3 times a day if I was particularly chatty and feeling sassy.

But I don’t feel sassy or chatty much anymore. Basically I sorta’ come to life Monday through Friday; it’s now the weekends that really drag by painfully slow as I have no outside world connection (read: friends) to hang with. Oh, sure; I have acquaintances that keep me busy but these are just folks who come and go in one’s life based on one’s station/career. Since I became gainfully employed again I do have many more professional-type associations because I attend social things where air kissing and artfully flopping silk pocket squares are religious rites. Which I love, truly; I was born for hotel ballroom lighting but that’s not today’s focus.

With the winter months approaching and daylight slipping away earlier and earlier each day I’m a bit worried about the depression aspect of my life. I’m fully functional but only slightly so on the weekend as I noted; I manage to get errands accomplished and minor trips to the market but anything too much beyond my local foot path and I get all ‘why bother.’ It sorta sucks to be me right now. I hate this waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop that will either provide the impetus for quick change or, well, reveal the velvet hurdle that I certainly sense but cannot see right now.