dior-couture-vintage-stairsI’m not even going to make excuses or explain the absence. Let’s just sally forth and carry on and jump back in, shan’t we?

Oh how I hate people who use my EXbf to get back at me. You know the type, right? They weren’t on our A-list to begin with but somehow managed to worm their way into my heart, post breakup, to ‘help us through.’ Now that I’m thinking for myself of late this individual jumped my friendship cruise and swam to the nearest phone to call on my EXbf to ‘check in.’ He doesn’t need your kind of friendship, sugar; besides I’ve given him the heads up that you’re using him to make some statement about the demise of our relationship. You might want to move to express checkout because we’re both aware that your smarts add up to 10 items or less, bitch.

tumblr_ltx1ytyKmp1r5cvj4o1_250It’s just about to flip to the month of MAY. I’ve lost 15lbs since January and reduced my overall body fat by 6.2+%. This is an awesome victory for one side of my wardrobe. I’ve been going to the gym and training with a personal trainer 3-nights a week since January. I’m nowhere near gay boi buff…nor do I want that, but my mood and figure have never looked better.

It’s expensive, for sure. But I don’t spend my money on booze, cigarettes, or rent boys so there’s that. It may take a full year to turn my fat ass ship of state all the way around. But at least I can see the horizon…and my dick, like never before.

Work is work. Crazy busy. Stressed. Doing the best I can.

I am still alone. Lonely. And my mother uses every holiday to remind me of that point. The most recent Easter exchange: “…so nobody is coming over? Well, you and I are both in the same boat — alone for Easter.” Seriously mother just jump up on the ol’ rugged cross and save me the trouble of looking for a goddamn ladder.

Okay. Peace & love, until later ~