Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.21.48 PMDarlings, I know it has been ages since I shared shit in this space. Here’s the deal: I believe my home desktop has some kind of tracker bug on it. Recently I was perusing some naturalistic, how do you say — arty photos, when said “arty photos” launched a bunch of pop ups and then I scrambled to close down the window that stated something like “MAC detects blah, blah…virus…blah, woof, woof…etc…”

So I don’t know what the hell I downloaded but whatever it was closed down all my social media sites. When I relaunched, everything required my password again. Oh, hells no, sugar. I may be blonde this summer but I’m not dumb enough to manage online banking at home now.

I do nothing on my home computer except surf porn. Which, in the larger picture, placed me in this scenario. I’ve reached out to a tech geek/smartie pants and we’re to schedule a time for him to comb through my network, etc., to clean up my mistake.

I’m writing this from my workplace. And that’s not kosher. So hang in there. I’ll be back soon with tales from the front lines of desperate social climbing and one man’s search for a boyfriend with equity and a big wiener.