Clever headline, no? Well, I reckon it’s been awhile since anybody who cares if I’m living or six feet under has stopped by to read any of this bullshit. That’s why I went balls-to-the -wall with my headline. Did it peak your curiosity as to what tale might unfold here? Yeah, well…sorry. This is just a check in to dust off the cobwebs on ye’ olde blog.

I miss the golden days of blogging. The early 2000’s were halcyon days for people who wanted (or felt compelled) to commit their thoughts, views, perspectives, and well… stretched out arse hole pics to the realm of cyberspace.

I always enjoyed crafting a fine tale or sharing some gay bitchery from a night out with faux friends. Who doesn’t love a cup of snoop?! At my original blog, a somewhat private place –much like this space, I entered everything under a pen name; the tales were oftentimes a bit too revealing so my pen name gave me a shield to stand behind. After all nobody needs to know that I jacked off in department store fitting room. But maybe under my pseudo name…sure, spill it bub.

My stats on this site are nonexistent. Five views a day is a good day. Though I don’t have much wiggle room to bitch and moan when I don’t keep this site active with my tales of single-handedly rising from the pits of unemployment (I mopped bathroom floors for nine bucks an hour during my part-time stint with a nationally known home decor retailer) to today’s camera flash effervescence on a society gala’s step & repeat carpet. I don’t Facebook much of what I do on the scene because it would be deemed as ‘explainabrag’ and I’m far to cognizant of the personal brand I’m building to fall victim to any lookie lookie posts. Well. I TRY not to post lookie lookie posts but shit happens.

My point is this: I do miss the constructive stream of consciousness that defined the experience of my past blog life. But truth be told: does anyone really want to hear the musings from a depressed old queen nowadays? I think maybe not. I’ve been relegated to PornHub twinks and the sad, lonely task of sponge cleaning cum from velour upholstery. That shit is a tough stain nut to crack, lemme tell you.